Snowmobile Rentals

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Starting Price 1800

Snowmobile Rentals give you the opportunity to explore Gulmarg hills at your own pace, with over 50 miles of groomed trails. Whether you venture out on maintained trails or blaze your own, Unguided Snowmobile Rentals allow you to choose the terrain you ride - with limitless opportunities to snowmobile in untouched powder amongst some  highest summits.

Snowmobile rental opportunities for experienced and non-experienced riders alike. Full-Day and Half-Day Rentals are available with options for both single and double riders.

Full-Day Rentals offer 6 hours of snowmobiling and begin at 9:00 am daily. Half-Day Rentals offer 3 hours of snowmobiling and begin at 9:00 am and 12:45 pm daily. Rider check-in is required 45 minutes prior to snowmobile rental times.

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