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Coming skiing for the first time is a great idea whatever your age. Learning to ski as an adult can feel daunting, but is also extremely accessible with just a small amount of fitness. We want to make sure you get the most out of your first time, so we’ve got a few tips for first-time skiers, to make that it’s a good one.



Top 10 Tips for Beginner Skiers


  1. Bend Your Knees
  2. Get a Lesson
  3. Go Slow, Have Patience
  4. Dress Appropriately (Don't Wear Jeans!)
  5. Don't Learn From a Loved One
  6. Pick the Right Resort
  7. Don't Be Afraid to Fall
  8. Start Out on the Right Type of Terrain
  9. Don't Look Down at Your Tips
  10. Stay Evenly Balanced Over Your Skis